Add DICOM Files

To add DICOMs to Click2Correct you just need to drag and drop DICOM file(s) or folder(s)(Folder drag and drop works only in Google Chrome). Here is a screenshot of Click2Correct while uploading and processing DICOM files:


Explanation of markings:

  1. Information bar about DICOM uploading and processing.

Optionally, you can select DICOM files with file explorer for uploading. To do that, go to “DICOM” tab(see Browse DICOM List) and click on “Add DICOM File” button:


Explanation of markings:

  1. “Add DICOM Files” button.
  2. File explorer that opens after clicking “Add DICOM Files” button.

Note that patient and case will be created automatically when adding DICOMs.

Browse DICOMs

To browse all DICOMs you own, click “DICOM” button on the navigation bar. To browse all DICOMs of a case, go to that case’s details (see case details).


Explanation of markings:

  1. Open file explorer to add DICOM files
  2. Refresh DICOM list
  3. Filter DICOM list
  4. Delete DICOM
  5. Go to DICOM Viewer


Drawing stuff in DICOM files is same with x-ray images (see Drawing Screen).


Explanation of markings:

  1. Refresh the DICOM images list.
  2. View DICOM Study details.
  3. DICOM Images grouped by DICOM series.
  4. View that particular series’ details.