Share an X-Ray

Click2Correct allows its users to share their x-rays with other users. To access sharing panel of an x-ray, click on the sharing button (see X-Rays section) of a particular x-ray.

To share an x-ray the person who you want to share your x-ray with must have a Click2Correct account.  Also you must know the person’s username or email that he/she uses Click2Correct.

Here is an example of sharing panel for an x-ray:


  1. Person’s username or email whom you want to share your x-ray with must be entered here.
  2. Optionally, you can enter some note for the person you want to share your x-ray with, e.g. “Hello, I would like to take your opinion on this.”
    Note that this note will be sent via an information email.
  3. Select this option to share patient information. If not selected, your x-ray will be shared without patient’s personal information.
  4. Select this option for giving the permission for updating your drawing on the x-ray to the person you want to share your x-ray with. If not selected, your x-ray will be shared read-only, means that other person can only see your drawing.
  5. Click “Share” button after you complete the form as you desire.

Changing Permissions and Unshare

If you shared an x-ray before, you can change its permissions or unshare(remove sharing) it. For doing so, open the share panel of that particular x-ray.


Explanation of markings:

  1. This part of the panel is used for listing users of a previously shared x-ray.
  2. This part is used for sharing that particular x-ray with other user(s) (See Share an x-ray).
  3. Sharing patient information permission can be changed here.
  4. Update drawing permission can be changed here.
  5. Sharing can be removed here.

Share a DICOM

Click2Correct doesn’t allow to share DICOMs yet.


Browse X-Rays

To browse all x-rays you own, click “X-Rays” button on the navigation bar. To browse all x-rays of a case, go to that case’s details (see case details).


Explanation of markings:

  1. Refresh x-rays list
  2. Filter x-rays list
  3. Change ordering of x-rays list
  4. Change sorting of x-rays list
  5. Browse your own x-rays
  6. Browse x-rays which have been shared with you
  7. Browse x-rays which you shared with other users
  8. Open sharing panel for that particular x-ray
  9. Browse x-ray details
  10. Delete x-ray
  11. Go to drawing page of that particular x-ray

Add a New X-Ray

To add a new x-ray, click go to details page of the case that you want to add an x-ray(see case details). Switch to “X-Rays” tab. Click “add X-Ray” button.


All mandatory fields must be filled and an image must be selected (use marking 1 or drag and drop an image file to this page). Other fields can be filled optionally. Click “Save” button to add a new x-ray to a case. If a new x-ray is created successfully you will be redirected to that particular x-ray’s details page.

X-Ray Details

To browse or update a particular x-ray’s details, click that x-ray’s details button on x-rays list (see Browse X-Rays).


Marking explanations:

  1. Go to Drawing Screen
  2. Save x-ray details