Browsing Patients

To browse patient list, click “Patients” button on the navigation bar.


Explanation of markings:

  1. Add new patient
  2. Refresh patient list
  3. Filter patient list
  4. Browse your own patient list (default)
  5. Browse patients who have been shared with you
  6. Browse patients who you shared with other users
  7. Go to patient details
  8. Delete patient (only present if that particular patient has no case)

Adding a New Patient

To add a new patient, click “New” button on the patient list (see Browsing patients).


All mandatory fields must be filled. Other fields can be filled optionally. Click “Save” button for adding a new patient. If a new patient is created successfully you will be redirected to that particular patient’s details page.

Patient Details

To browse and update a particular patient’s details, click that patient’s name on patient list (see Browsing Patients).


Explanation of markings:

  1. Case list for that particular patient
  2. Refresh case list
  3. Add new case
  4. Save patient details (for updating changes in patient information above)
  5. Go to case details
  6. Delete case (only present if that particular case has no DICOM and x-ray)