Template Helper

Click2Correct has a powerful feature that aims to assist its users when adding measurement tools, cutting tools, calibration tools and templates to the drawing.

This feature will be explained with an example. Say you have an x-ray like that and you want to calibrate it (see Calibration Tools):


When you select the Circular Calibration, a helper window will be open over the control panel:




As can be seen, Click2Correct assists you to add Circular Calibration object.

This helping mechanism called Template Helper. Template Helper applies to all drawing objects. It shows you an example of what you trying to do and expects you to click on the equivalent points. If you do not like the location of your previously clicked points, you can drag them to their new location while template helper is still active.



Note that, you can also interact with your objects after their creation. Once you clicked the last point, your drawing object will be drawn immediately and Template Helper will be closed until the next object creation.